Some people don't spend their time being bothered that they can't change the world, because there's a part of them that thinks it's impossible.
    I choose to be bothered by that.





    I've devoted the last 20 years, the whole of my adult life
    using my first love (drawing) to remind the world to First, Love (begin with love)


    20 years later, it still feels like Day One.


    First, Love
    起点, 愛


  • I HOPE..


    In a world where we can be anything.. BE KIND.

    And when you feel like giving up.. DON'T.

















    Unconditional love is impossible to ignore,

    Unconditional love will change the world.











  • I Dream..


    In a world where love is becoming less and less visible,

    it is becoming more and more important to show a world where Love Can Happen Anywhere.


    I dream of a world where the first thing that children learn in life is that there is always HOPE around us because there is always LOVE around us.


    A is for Ai



  • Love Can Happen Anywhere..

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