• Hi, I'm Peter Draw (B. 1984)


    As a child, I once believed that Picasso & Disney were the same person, and I spent my childhood drawing... dreaming one day I could be like this person.


    Growing up, I realised that not everyone can be a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere. I've lost loved ones, had my heart broken time and time again... but I continue to believe in love and believe that love can change the world.


    Some people don't spend their time being bothered that they can't change the world, because there's a part of them that thinks it's impossible.
    I choose to be bothered by that.


    I've devoted the last 16 years, the whole of my adult life
    using my first love (drawing) to remind the world to First, Love (begin with love)


    16 years later, it still feels like Day One.


    First, Love
    起点, 爱

  • Ai

    Coming soon.

















  • "Peter's dedication of the whole of his entire adult life,
    drawing to protect children who cannot protect themselves,
    has warmed the hearts of many kids and adults alike, including me.


    What you love has become your life. I hope your story will inspire even more people to find the courage to pursue
    and never give up on their dream."


    - Jackie Chan










  • I believe..


    Being an Artist isn't a dream. It's about what I do as an Artist.
    I think that's what a dream is.













  • About Peter Draw



    Peter Draw (Born Peter Zhuo Ying Wei 卓英伟, July 1984) is a Singaporean Artist who uses his first love (Drawing) to remind the world to First, Love (Begin with love)


    Peter fell in love with drawing at the age of 3. At 6, he was kicked out of art class because he couldn't afford the fee. At 16, he lost his grandfather who taught him one last lesson - our loved ones cannot wait forever for us.. hesitate and we will lose our chance to show our love forever.

    Since then, he has devoted the whole of his entire adult life drawing to protect children who cannot protect themselves.




    Awards & Books

    4 Guinness World Records in Art:
    1 Oct 2007, Largest Caricature
    2 Oct 2010, Largest Art Lesson
    3 Oct 2014, Longest Drawing
    4 Oct 2014, Longest Drawing by Individual


    JCI Singapore:
    Outstanding Young Persons of Singapore 2008 - Contributions to Children, World Peace, Human Rights.


    - 2008, What Makes Me Happy
    (Supported by ASEAN National Secretariat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Singapore)
    - 2015, Draw On Love, Autobiography
    (Published by Marshall Cavendish)


    Selected Media



    - The Straits Times

    - Channel News Asia

    - Channel 5 News

    - Channel 8 News

    - Channel U News

    - 新明日报

    - 联合晚报


    Outside of Singapore

    - NTD TV, Indonesia

    - 中縣新聞網, Taiwan

    - 日刊スポーツ, Japan

    - La Nacion, Costa Rica

    - The Brunei Times, Brunei

    - Vietnam Art News, Vietnam

    - ABS CBN News, Philippines
    - The Myanmar Times, Myanmar












    "It's true we can't protect every child.
    But for those we can, we must. This is why I draw."











  • My dream

    One day, I hope to sit my children and grandchildren on a swing, telling them how a little boy who was told he couldn't draw went on to draw and change the world.


    Here are some stories I've been keeping for them :)


    I used to be just like them :)

    Fukushima, Japan

    Love can be found anywhere :)

    Alajuela, Costa Rica

    Everything we do, we do it with love :)

    Cape Town, South Africa

    We will never give up on our dreams :)


    It's the little things that truly make us happy :)

    Si Chuan, China

    Love can change the world right? :)

    Heartwarming smiles

    Drawings I'm leaving behind for our children & grandchildren

    Time is love

    Sometimes we don't realise the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

    Always choose love.

    How we spend our days become our life.





    From day one, it's always about the little ones


    I believe our future must be built on love.
    I'm shaping this future one Little Draw at a time.











  • Peter Draw & Little Draws & Red Sweaters

    Little Draws are Little versions of Peter Draw, making art to make people happy.

    Peter loves red at a young age.
    His late grandfather told him
    he looks good in Red

    Peter and Little Draws in red sweaters

    There's a reason why
    Little Draws have their own
    Red Sweaters

    Little Draws drawing at Malls, Museums & Hospitals to make people happy

    One day, children would put on a red sweater and believe they could draw and change the world

    Little Draws and their beautiful drawings :)

    Beginning my own
    Tradition of Love - Little Draws

    "Go make this Red Sweater Iconic"
    S R Nathan



























  • Inspiration behind Ai

    Always begin with Love.


    Beyond the positive cheerful visuals, Ai is a record of the struggles of the discriminated people.


    When Peter was 6 years old (1990), Peter signed up for a free trial art lesson. On the actual day, Peter packed his little bag packed with sharpen pencils and walked to the art class by himself. When the Artist told everyone to bring along $20 for the next lesson, Peter told the Artist that his parents would not be able to afford the $20. The Artist told Peter to forget about drawing and kicked him out of the class.


    Peter stood outside the class, tiptoed to try to look through the tiny space between the window panels hoping to learn something. After a while, Peter's toes hurt and he ran home and cry. His grandfather asked him why is he crying. Peter asked why is he different from other children. His grandfather replied "Why do you want to be the same?"


    Grandfather then told Peter a story about how a little boy who was kicked out of art class because he was poor, believed in his dream and became a successful artist. Before he died, he created Disney Land. His name was, Picasso.


    Growing up, Peter believed that Picasso and Disney were the same person. Peter's grandfather didn't went to school, and made up the story to encourage Peter.


    This story inspired the creation of Ai.

    Ai represents the idea that no matter how we begin our life, we all eventually find love.











  • "First, Love"

    Ai's tears are represented by these tens of thousands of blue balloons

    representing the idea that Everything changes, but nothing really changed..
    Unless we begin it with love.


    Time to set up..


    and More..

    Checking out the installation immediately after reservist

    Grateful to Wendy for the opporunity

    Grandma and grandson entering First, Love

    Adelyn may not have sight, but she feels the love here at First, Love

    Adelyn's beautiful smile

    Photo? Okay :)

    Welcoming friends

    Photo with Bika and family :)

    An artist talk to inspire the young ones about First, Love

    "Can you see mummy?"

    Did you do something funny?

    "I did!"

    Daddy's First, Love

    Cute boy with cute pose

    A cute business deal done?

    3 generations together

    With Nathan and friends

    With Bika and friends



    A proper shot :)

    Can you see me?

    Can i see you?

    Can you don't see me?

    "So beautiful inside here!"

    "Mummy, i found a treasure!"

    Grandparents feeling high ;)



    The little ones

    Jowy's jumping up

    Kate-lyn jumping down

    Lets run!

    Erm... is the baby taking the artwork home?

    Okay, very sure they are taking the artwork home!

  • Here's a little secret

    As a child, I love eating donuts. In Primary One, my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. She told me I needed to find another dream because she explained to me that nobody can grow up to be a Donut.

    I explained I love eating Donuts and if I became a Donut, i could eat it whenever I want to. She then asked me what happens when I finish eating myself and I told her confidently, I’m a kid... I didn’t think that far.


    Thankfully, I have a second dream and that is to be an Artist who makes art to make people happy.


    When you feel like giving up...









  • Thoughts..

    An act of courage, is always an act of love.


    People may say everything is difficult.. but how hard can "difficult" be
    if its what you really love?

    Some people..

    don't spend their time being bothered that they can't change the world, because there's a part of them that thinks it's impossible.

    I choose to be bothered by that.



  • While I work on something new

    I would love to hear from you regarding Ai and Philanthropy.

    If you're a child who loves drawing, ask me anything. I'll teach you everything.

    You can reach me at: PeterDrawStudio@gmail.com or drop a message below.














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    "One day, our grandchildren will see these moments. I hope they see LOVE."